Vantaze custom pickleball paddles
custom designed for unforgettable days on the court

The right equipment can make all the difference—and that’s the core of what we do at Vantaze Pickleball. We make pickleball more enjoyable by designing paddles that are matched to your exact needs; we call it your Pickleball DNA. It allows you and us together to choose the perfect paddle face, materials, colors and construction to create your one-of-a-kind Pickleball Paddle that improves control, power and pop to make Pickleball much more enjoyable and ultimately, more fun. You’ll notice the difference immediately—greater control, longer hours on the court, and endless smiles. Let’s just say your best days of Pickleball are ahead of you. Your Design! Your Paddle! Design your Custom Pickleball paddle now.

Build your dream pickleball court in your own backyard

Enjoy the luxury of having your own pickleball court in your own backyard. Our trained professional will help your dreams come true and make the pickleball court of your dreams right in your own backyard.

Build your pickleball court